Enhance The Distribution System & Non-Revenue Water Engineering Study – Adb Assisted Colombo Water Supply Service Improvement Project – Ta 45148-001 Sri Lanka

IDC was the local counterpart consultant for the project. The expected outcome of the project was to enhance the distribution system and reduce Non- Revenue Water (NRW) in Greater Colombo Water Supply System through upgrading the water distribution system and establishing an appropriate mechanism.

The Consultancy service included, feasibility studyfor the proposed ADB investment in National Water Supply Drainage Board, Sri Lanka for the reduction of NRW, proposal & justification for upgrading, rehabilitation and reinforcement of primary and secondary distribution mains and replacement of connection pipes in old district zones, introduce NRW zone distribution network practice, recommendation for necessary equipment, establishing NRW section with operating teams to attend leaks and repair, assist NWSDB to enhance it’s institutional, operational and implementation capacity to address NRW issue.

Positive economic multiplier effects of lowered NRW levels on tariff rates, consumption, productivity and public hygiene also were studied. Implications of low NRW and how it reflects inhigher customer satisfaction, O&M efficiency, and patronage that fuel the utilitywere also part of the study.

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