Feasibility Of Sanitation And Wastewater Project For Highly Populated Areas In Kandy City

Lack of proper sanitation facilities in low income densely populated areas in Kandy city has seriously deteriorated environmental qualities of ground water and surface water, and causes enormous health hazard, resulting in worsening the living conditions of the poor. Further, the environmental pollution negatively affects the landscape of the Kandy which is one of the important tourism resources in Sri Lanka.IDC undertook a consultancy services to carry out a feasibility study to improve this situation, which was funded by the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). The consultancy service includes feasibility study for the implementation of small scale wastewater management system, detailed design of collection network, design central septic tank, design of common latrines blocks, drawings and BOQs and cost estimates for these facilities.

Assessment Of Quality And Sustainability Of Community Infrastructure By Community Development And Livelihood Improvement “Gemidiriya” Project

IDC undertook the assignment to evaluate functional effectiveness, durability, cost effectiveness, and user friendliness of the infrastructure facilities established through “Gemidiriya” Development Project, funded by the World Bank. The main areas covers were assessment of project interventions, including domestic water supply systems, buildings, roads and irrigation systems. The study provided recommendations in design aspects especially in quality of constructions to be considered when implementing inter-village infrastructure activities in future.

IDC adopted a consultative, participatory flexible and adaptive approach in this evaluation. A close consultation with key stakeholders such as staff members of Gemidiriya, technical support providers and other relevant public agencies and community Based Organizations, community leaders, beneficiaries etc. were carried throughout the assignment. The assessment adopted wide variety of methods, techniques and tools for the assessment of infrastructure facilities constructed in team of quality, appropriateness, efficiency, and effectiveness. Also, the process adopted for the project implementation, sustainability of the facilities and partnership arrangements were reviewed.