About Us

Our Vision

To become the leading organization in the country in implementation of social development, water supply, sewerage and sanitation sector projects.

Our Mission

To mobilize the talented and experienced local professionals and utilize their services in an effective and integrated manner towards the development of the country.

IDC believes in a holistic approach in development, which focuses on the long-term sustainability of development works and fulfill aspirations of beneficiaries and maintain the balance between the people and environment.

Our Assets

Our Organization is flexible and dynamic in nature, and has the ability to work in challenging environment. Our foremost asset is the capable and energetic young professional team, who possess proven impressive track records.

The professional capacity of the IDC and its strength lies on the qualified, dedicated and highly competent professionals in various disciplines. Our team of professionals includes; Engineers, Sociologists, Community Development Experts, Institutional Development Experts, Socio-economists, Training Specialists, Land Use Planners & Architects, Financial & Economic Analysts, MIS experts, Geologists, Hydrologists, and Hydro-geologists. IDC professional base comprise an in-house core consultancy team and a pool of highly qualified independent consultants specialized in various disciplines, available on assignment basis.

Our expert base includes following professional fields;

Field of Expertise No. of Staff Available
Project Formulation and Planning 5
Civil Engineering 18
Environmental Engineering and Sciences 3
Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering 12
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation 10
Roads and Highways 8
Community Development / Sociology 12
Institutional Development/ Training 5
Urban Planning 4
Water Resource Planning and 2
Hydrogeology 3
Irrigation Engineering 3
Structural Engineering 5
Financial Management 2
Hygiene Education 2

Our Track Record

IDC involvement in consultancy assignments from the inception of the Organization include water supply and sanitation project planning and design, project management, infrastructure development, project evaluation studies and impact assessments. Some of major works carried out are listed below: